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Check out the link below to sign your child up for FREE monthly devotionals and activities from VeggieTales! (scroll down to find links to free episodes on YouTube) 

Also check out their home page by clicking the logo. There you can shop toys, DVD's, books and other great learning tools! 



Click a note to see more about it


Summer Camp

All KCC kids get a discount (using the codes on the left). Early Bird sign-up begins in January.

Click the logo to visit the website for info.

See Samantha Bailey for questions and registration help!

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"3-2-1 Penguins" is an episode series made by VeggieTales!                      to visit a list of full episodes, or just watch the one here.

For lessons you can take with you, the You Version bible app has a kids version! Look for the "Bible app for kids" in the app store.

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Check the YouVersion bible app for family friendly or kid centered devotions, or click above to see this one.

                   to visit the VeggieTales Page on YouTube, or click the video above to watch one now! 



Click the picture to print it as a coloring page.

                   to visit the YouTube page for Sunday Cool, or click the video above to watch one we've chosen.

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If you love Sunday Cool & Cool Carll on TikTok and YouTube, then click below to shop all of their funny merch.

Justice League 

Teen bible study information and resources
(Small group meeting at 38 Hill Top Rd. every Sunday at 4. Find Eli Bailey for information.)


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