Monday:This coming Sunday is our 5th Sunday.  With things being unlike ever before in our community and in our country we feel this week will be a great time for us to pray harder than ever.  More than we ask you to pray for 222 by 2022…more than we ask you to pray in reaching your One…more than we ask for prayers in being the good our communities need, we ask you to pray this week for our leadership and for all people to seek Jesus Christ during the storms of life. O, Father, God, Lord of all we are, we seek You and Your power. Thank You for guiding, directing, leading, and loving. Thank You for the using us to do what is best. We seek You during this time of confusion and chaos. Help those who are in You to shine brighter than ever. Lead us this week in prayer for different groups. Help us lean on Your way. In Jesus name, amen.


Tuesday: Pray today for our youth. Pray they see truth through adults. Pray they find answers not in social media, not in videos, not in tv, movies, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, or anything else. Pray our adults not fuss but lead by word and deed. Pray we train our young folks to see Jesus in us. Pray this generation grow in Christ. Lord, we ask You to shine over todays youth. We know they cannot become the church of tomorrow if we do not get them plugged into the church of today. Help them see the need of Jesus in their life through the adults. Help us do whatever is needed to plug them in so they may grow in You. In Jesus name, amen.


Wednesday: Pray for the women of the church to find comfort and care in Jesus. Pray they lead and love as God commands. Pray for todays ladies to see how God can use them in powerful and awesome ways to set the example others around them need.  Pray they follow Gods design for them as they shine brightly for all to see Jesus in them. Pray for todays women to not follow what the world says in fashion and attitude but to follow Gods desire in Proverbs 31 and beyond as they follow godly examples. Pray they be stronger than ever for all to see Jesus living modestly through their life. Father, shine through todays woman. Help them not follow the examples of this world but through the examples of Your way. Empower them like never before to reach out and be the loving kindness the world around them need.  In Jesus, amen. 


Thursday: Men today need prayer. Statistics show if men lead through Gods way it greatly and dramatically improves the household, their children, their community and the church, as men lead and love as God shows best. Pray for the men of today to lead with a firm heart. Pray they show all they come in contact with how a real man lives and acts through Gods power and love. Pray they show all in their path how a real man doesn’t rely on lust or things of this world but on Jesus Christ and His way alone. God, empower men to be real. Show them how to love and lead through You and Your way. Help todays man to be what You desire instead of what they want. In Jesus name, amen.


Friday: Spend today praying specifically for Kenbridge Christian. Pray for our elders to lead Gods people. Pray for Cameron as he preaches to be invisible and for God to shine thought Him. Pray for our people to get up and get active in reaching those in need. Pray, as we have said for a while now, that we be the good needed. Lord, use this family to reach the needs.  In Jesus, amen.


Saturday: “The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with (James 5:16, MSG).”  Amen to this! Prayer is a powerful thing. This week you have prayed for our youth, our women, our men, our church. Pray today for yourself. Pray your mind be surrendered to Jesus and His plan for Your life. Pray for your spiritual strength and for God to shine in You. Pray you be the good needed. Lord, I surrender to You. In Jesus, amen.

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