Monday: This coming Sunday we will mix two items: James 5:1-6 and Graduate Sunday. This coming Sunday night, KCC will host the CHS Baccalaureate service but on Sunday morning we wish to pause and pray for those graduates associated with KCC. In fact, let’s start this week off right now praying for the 2022 graduates from high school, as well as, colleges and universities. Lord, guide this years graduating classes.  Help these graduates to seek You and Your desires in every.single.aspect of their lives. Provide them what’s best and needed as they live in You. Calm storms they face as they invite You in their life boat. In Jesus, amen.


Tuesday: Recent surveys have shown that 80% of high school graduates wish they had received some sort of financial training while in school and 81% of college graduates wish they were taught more life skills. NUMEROUS graduates either missed out or didn’t pay attention to topics of balancing a checking account, investing, how to file taxes, the importance of personal budgets, etc. This coming Sunday in James 5:1-6 we will see what our money and spending habits says about us. Lord, guide our efforts. Help us learn how to properly look at finances. Show us how our spending and investing habits need to be focused on You. In Jesus, amen.


Wednesday: “Whoever trusts in their riches will fall (Proverbs 11:28).” In Matthew 6:19 & 20, Jesus tells about how the ways we spend our finances says a lot about us. What items do we treasure the most? Where do we spend the most money? Are we budgeting and taking care of our needs? Are we living simply to work and working simply to live? Do we want so much stuff that we have to keep adding more side jobs to keep up? Where does outreach and missions come into play when our finances are involved? Try and figure a rough percentage of what you bring home vs how much you give to the Lords work. O, God, help us focus. Guide my wallet and my time. Help me not live for more stuff but for You only. In Jesus name, amen.


Thursday: Here is a tough question for you: Does having more money allow you to feel secure and comfortable? While this may not be a tough question to answer…think deeper. From where should our comfort and security come? Our bank account? Our retirement plan? Our portfolio? The “rich” James is talking too in this weeks section find comfort in their cushion. No matter what our money might be able to purchase, it will never buy the security needed as we stand before God. Pray we train the next generations to focus not on well paying careers but on the Lord of all creation. Father, refocus our hearts to You and Your ways. In Jesus name, amen.


Friday: Check out 1 Timothy 6:9-10 today. We often mistake part of this passage and say money is the root of all evil, but that’s not what this passage says! The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. The never having enough, always wanting more, not being content, keeping up with the Jones’ (or Jonas’) attitude has truly detoured a correct way of living. Pray these graduates learn and apply smart, biblical thinking when it comes to finances. Pray their families sit and show smart living. Pray we cover them with help and prayers. Lord, guide our efforts to truly live what we claim to believe. May we live our faith loud & clear for all to see. In Jesus, amen.


Saturday: Money can buy a lot of stuff, can’t it? However, money cannot buy health or happiness. It can’t buy a good name, trust or respect. Money can’t buy love or contentment. Most of all, money can’t purchase us eternal glory. What we do with our money speaks volumes about our heart. Money talks! Let’s live in a way where our money says we trust and love God. Father, take all of me. Focus all of our hearts and lives…including our finances…to be Yours and Yours alone. In Jesus, amen.