Monday: Some things in life are black and white; clearly right or wrong, but there are also many things that fall into this grey area. As a follower of Christ, how are we supposed to make decisions about things that fall into this grey area? Do we just throw caution to the wind and do whatever we personally desire? Do we not do anything and lock ourselves away from any and all things in fear of accidentally messing up? Thankfully, Gods Word gives great guidance and Pauls letter to the Romans is one of the most helpful guides for our life! Let’s pray for all our hearts and minds as we keep in this conflict resolution section of Romans. Lord, guide me and use me. Help me get out Your way. In Jesus name, amen.


Tuesday: For the next 2 weeks we, as a family, will be studying the 2nd half of Romans 14 by checking out verses 13-23. Go ahead and read up on this section. In these verses we will build off what all we saw in the first 12 verses of Romans 14 by seeing how just because we CAN do something doesn’t always mean we SHOULD do something. We don’t like anybody telling us that we have any responsibility for other people. We want to do what we want to do without thought of if our actions or desires affect anyone else. Pray today we all gain clear vision in what God desires for our lives in all we say and do. O, God, help us. Please guide our words and actions to be what is best for all around me. In Jesus, amen.


Wednesday: In Genesis 4 we see God ask Cain, “Where is Abel your brother? and he answered, “I don’t know. Am I my brothers keeper?” We don’t like the idea that our words and actions can affect others. We especially don’t like the idea that there are times we shouldn’t do something because it could hurt our witness with someone who doesn’t know Christ as Savior just yet. Gods answer to our question of “am I my brothers keeper?” is actually…”Yes. Yes you are”.  Father, help us to look beyond our personal thoughts or desires and too live in a way that is pleasing to You. Help us be the good needed. In Jesus name, amen.


Thursday: This coming Sunday we will focus on Romans 14:13-15. Verse 13 begins with, “therefore let us stop passing judgement on one another” is Paul transitioning by summing up all he told in verses 1-12. Instead of condemning and judging each other we should make a commitment not to do anything that could harm a brother or sister in Christ. How about you? Are you willing to make a promise to Christ to strive to be the good your community needs? Let’s begin this promise by praying for one another: Lord, help us all. Help us shine brightly. Help us post, speak, be the good. Help us love in Jesus name, amen.


Friday: Remember the section in Romans 14 where Paul says to stop arguing about food items? In verse 14 he mentions this idea of “unclean” stuff. Check out Leviticus 11 which contains a long list of food that was either permitted or prohibited to the Jewish followers. Paul desires for the whole church to know how all foods are now acceptable…just like how all people are acceptable within the church family. The key is loving and accepting all folks no matter where they stand. Lord, I desire to be loving. It is hard sometimes, but I know with the strength You give it is possible. Help me live in love. In Jesus name, amen.


Saturday: Today is a great day for prayer. Pray for this series, as well as, for all who hear the words Christ is teaching our heart and mind. Pray we never waste an opportunity to share the sacrifice of Jesus to all who need Him. Pray for every.single.person Jesus Christ died for. Pray we love them like Jesus. Father, thank You. Thank You for loving me just as I am. In Jesus name, amen.

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