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Monday: One. United. In Ephesians 4:4-6 we find 7 areas of One. Over the next couple of months we’ll spend time in each of these 7 parts of One: Body, Spirit, Hope, Lord, Faith, Baptism, God. This week we want to check out the idea of being One Body. The body is one of the apostle Pauls favorite analogies. Twice before we come to chapter 4 of this letter Paul has used this expression of being one body. We were never meant to be several church bodies with flavors all over the place in order to make sure everyone has the type of music, building, programming, style, color, people they want. Church, to be blunt, ain’t about us. We are called to be One Body. That One Body is Christ and we are His. God, help us be united. Help us stop splitting up for our own desires. In Jesus, amen.


Tuesday: There is one heaven. This one heaven is for all who believe and follow Gods way according to what scripture says. We are supposed to be one body. In Ephesians 5:29-30 Paul shows how since we are part of Christ (who cares for and provides for the church) we are members of His body. Sunday we will see how all this leads to the fact that there is only one body, one church, one kingdom, one holy temple, and one family of God. Lord, bind us together. I am sorry for our making churches all about us. I am sorry we desire to have our own way and if we don’t then we will simply start a new church so we can have our own desires unlike those other folks. Please, Lord, heal us. In Jesus, amen.


Wednesday: In Acts 2:38-41 (read it) Peter tells all in the first Gospel Sermon how they can be a part of the body of Christ. Peter preached how to go from lost-ness to found-ness…From being outside the body of Christ to being inside the body of Christ. We will break this down beautifully on Sunday together and see how our repentance and baptism bring us into the body of Christ. Good God Almighty, thank You for being patient with me. Thank You for this open invitation to be a part of You. Help us do our best to draw all others in. In Jesus, amen.


Thursday: In 1 Corinthians 12 and in Romans 12, Paul employs the body analogy to the local church. Although we are many parts we are one body. All the parts have different functions and abilities but they serve the One body. We are called to work together. We are called for each one to do our part. We are called to be a family who lives in helping keep things flowing smoothly together. No “one” can do this mess alone…it takes all of us each doing a part. God, help us come tighter together as we each do a part for this body. In Jesus, amen.


Friday: With Jesus as the head of the body, we should only be taking directions from Him. Each of us should be looking to obey Jesus’ commands and follow His leadership and use our gifts to do our part for Him. The possibilities are endless because there’s so many ways to serve: greeting, sound, video, cleaning, childrens church, singing, playing, set up, letters, visits, small groups, planning, food, teaching, teaching how to make food, and the list goes on. Not plugged in? You’re needed! It’s time we all do our part. God, build our body stronger than ever. Help us see how our body is all Yours. In Jesus, amen.


Saturday: Every part of the body is important and valued and treasured by Jesus the head of the body and therefore, every part should be loved and valued by the other parts of the body. There is only one body made up of all those who are born again in Christ. Lord, help us take care of the one body we have. Help us get plugged in and care for this body of Yours. In Jesus, amen.

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