Monday: Have you ever known anyone who can act like 2 (or more) different people? They can even change their voice to sound different when in this setting or with those people then totally change sound/look/personality when dealing with this other group? Have you noticed this in church? Some folks can act holy and saintly in church services but see them outside services and they are a totally different sound and act? This week we talk on how being a follower of Jesus should complete us. No compartmentalizing our faith. Lord, help me be real and be just me. Cleanse me and guide me that all I am and all folks see/hear is You living in me. Guide all that I am in Jesus name, amen.


Tuesday: Yesterday, it was mentioned how some folks can act one way in church services but live a totally different way outside of the service. Some people will compartmentalize their life and treat their spirituality as just one separate part of their life and keep the different parts separate so they don’t affect each other. This shouldn’t be. If we are going to follow Jesus, then HE must be Lord over our entire lives. God, help us. Help us get out our own way. Help us stop living for self. Help us truly follow You. In Jesus name, amen.


Wednesday: On Sunday we break down how we often have different personalities when we talk with God, when we talk at home, when we talk at Church, and when we talk in public. That’s at least 4 different personalities and 4 different ways we act and live when we need just be one. One person. One personality. One life living each and every aspect of who we are for God alone. The person you see Sunday should be the same person you see at the store who is also the person you see when at home or the ball field. Lord, help me get my life under control. Help me just be me. You made me. You love me. You desire I surrender self and allow You to complete who I am. In Jesus, amen.


Thursday:One of the aspects of our personality we will tackle Sunday is within our church family. We are to live with and for each other. If I call you my brother/sister in Christ on Sunday then I should have no fear calling you this during the week when I need help. If I worship beside you Sunday I should have confidence that I can confide in and ask prayer from you on Thursday night. We should have healthy lasting relationships within our church family. Lord, we really are all in this together. Build us and bind us to live as one in You. You, being our One, are all we need follow. In Jesus name, amen.


Friday: Today I want you to pray for your family. If children are still in the house with you, pray over them. If the children have moved on, pray over them. If there isn’t nor has there ever been any children, pray for those near and dear who may have children. Pray our children see Jesus in us. Pray they see/hear/learn what a follower of Christ embodies. Pray over them. Seek Gods desires in our families. Lord, help us grow in You alone. In Jesus name, amen.


Saturday: Let’s spend time today in prayer for ourself. Pray we place all that we are under Christ Jesus control. Pray we get out our own way and stop trying to be multiple personalities or fake. Pray we be what God designed us to become. Pray we simply follow HIM, allow HIS way to shine through all we say and do. Oh, Lord, help us live right. You lead. We’ll follow.  In Jesus, amen.